Thanks to God, Pangholi Group is active in the production and distribution of women’s shoes.
The activity of our collection started in 1394 in a production unit and continued with the intention of providing better service to the sellers of women’s shoes in our country and our dear customers.
Currently, Pa-Naghli Collection is proud to be an entrepreneur for dear young people and a supplier of women’s shoes for hundreds of shops. Our goal is to facilitate the purchase of shoes for shoe sellers and customers at a reasonable price, directly from the manufacturer and without intermediaries.
More than hundreds of shoe production units help us in supplying women’s shoes and products and they deliver their products and women’s shoes directly to our dear customers and shoe sellers through our collection, and they take steps to improve quality and service. .
In addition to serving the shoe sellers of our beloved country, our collection has succeeded in providing services to neighboring countries and exports.
Our goal is to support the hardworking producers of the women’s shoe industry of our country and to provide entrepreneurship for the dear youth of our country and to make this industry bigger and also to provide better service to the sellers of women’s shoes and customers.
Those who intend to be active in the production and sale of women’s shoes can cooperate with our collection.
Pangholi collection is ready to cooperate with trading companies and shoe sellers.
All the products and shoes of our collection have after-sales guarantee and we have used the best raw materials to improve the quality of our products.